A little unwanted Christmas present

Well it has been an interesting start to the year but not for particularly good reasons.

I discovered accidentally that our website had been hacked over Christmas. They didnt just hack it but the deleted all the contents. Normally this would not be a problem but our hosting company who we were in the process of moving away from couldn’t get the backups to work and naughty me had not done a recent backup myself.

I spend a lot of time preaching to people how important backups are especially for WordPress sites which are so vulnerable to attack. Our demise happened when a vulnerability in WordPress was discovered but we didn’t patch it in time before we were hacked. We didn’t patch it simply because it occurred over Christmas and I was busy and away and just didnt find the time. Lesson learned.

It has been such a busy start to our  year that I have not even had the opportunity to start re-creating our website until last Sunday, January 15th. It is about 90% complete now although they deleted all the pervious blog posts.

We have now moved our site to a more secure webhost who were absolutely brilliant in helping us get back on-line and they also keep backups for us. In addition we now backup up our site every time we make a change. Getting hacked is something that is going to happen and very hard to avoid. Keeping the site, WordPress and its plugins along with good password security will reduce the risk and of course proper backups will save me hours of work.

I am not even sure what they got out of hacking us. Our site was redirected to Malaysia but there was no apparent malware content on their site. So apart from causing us some disruption all they have really done is made their website a target for revenge and we all know revenge is sweet!

Anyway we are back up online and I apologise if you tried to reach our site since Christmas. i am still just finishing it off but it should be fully updated by the end of this week.


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