New Builds

We love building high quality desktop computers! They say that the desktop is being replaced by the laptop and tablet. We don’t agree. A desktop is cheaper to maintain, will give you better performance, will be more reliable and will last longer than any tablet or laptop and you can be sure that the desktops that we build will be the best you have every owned

However they are not cheap but we make no excuses for that! The new build market is quite diverse. From cheap desktops to gaming machines there are many builders out there. Because we like to do everything well we only build high quality computers and if you are looking for that next replacement desktop then you have come to the right place!
High Quality

Our desktop are high quality because we use the best parts available and we build them with love and care. Every machine is individually designed to meet your needs and is built by hand and fully tested before it is ready to leave our workshop

Because we only use known manufacturer original parts and because we ensure that your desktop is built and tested fully we know that your new desktop is going to be very reliable.

Stability comes again from using known manufacturers parts and because our engineers are experienced in building high quality desktops. A computer is a collection of different manufacturers parts put together into a case. Knowing what works with what provides that stability
High Performance

Understanding your needs and spending your money in the right areas ensures that your new desktop will perform efficiently and fast. We ensure that you have the right processor and the right amount of memory to do the job that you need. We also use the latest technology and embrace the faster speeds offered by that new technolgoy as it arrives

We are often shocked that off the shelf machines lack any upgradability. Manufacturers provide as little as possible to keep the costs down and their profits up. We ensure that there is enough space and connections should you wis to upgrade your computer at a later date