IT Support

Home Users

We are very happy to support home users. To us a computer is a computer and we just love fixing them. Home users can often have similar problems to business users. Printers will not print, emails will not send or come in or you may get one of those very annoying Windows error messages. Whatever the problem we are here to help.

Business Users

In addition to the more typical issues that home users face business users have a more critical need for support for when things go wrong. Network issues or email problems are the most common whilst faulty hardware and the need to additional hardware make up the bulk of problems that we resolve on a day to day basis. Our engineers are experienced with both peer to peer networks and Windows Server networks

Remote Support

Where possible we always try to fix your problem by connecting in to your computer and resolving it without the need for a visit. The charge for this is £50 plus VAT per incident although on occasions we will reduce this to £25 if the incident only takes a few minutes and for our regular clients we may not charge at all. Sometimes we are not able to resolve the problem remotely and you may need to bring your computer in or we may need to come out to you. When this happens you will only be charged for the final solution and no charge will be made for the remote connection