You just wouldn’t believe how many different problems come our way. From broken screens, to failed hard drives, to emails not working, virus and other Malware infections, telephone scams (Yes they even gained access to our clients computer), power problems the list is endless and we could fill these pages and that is just for repairs. Then there is support. We look after home users, and small business as well as corporate clients. From Charities to churches, from Accountants to the Wine industry.

A lot of how we fix computers is based upon experience as well as training. It is quite likely that whatever your problem is then we hae seen it before. No matter what you tell us, although we take that into consideration we always perform our own diagnosis first. This is important because without an accurate diagnosis your computer will not get fixed properly.

When you bring your computer to us we will book it in. This involves takeing some information about you and then about the computer. Once we have that we will ask you to tell us what is wrong. We condense that information into a fault report and once we have that then we can begin to analyse the issue and resolve it for you.