Desktop Repairs

Desktops tend to suffer less damage than laptops as they tend to be in a fixed location and not moved. It is not very often, but it has happened, that a desktop gets dropped

However they still have a range of problems that we can deal with

No power

Sometimes caused by a fuse in the plug or a faulty plug socket but more often caused by a failure of the Power Supply Unit. Desktops suck in air to cool the computer and with the air comes the dirt. The dirt sticks to the hot components whilst the cleaner air is expelled. Over a period of time dirt will build up inside the power supply making it less efficient and very noisy and it will eventually fail. It is a relatively simple job for us to diagnose and replace the power supply. Did you know we can tell if a customer has wooden floors just be the amount of dirt in their desktop!

Slow Computer

This is one of the most common problems that we get. Often caused by viruses, full or corrupted hard disks, insufficient memory and no longer used applications that need to be removed. The turnaround for this job is about 48hrs but we can often improve a machines speed to give it a new lease of life. Tip – keep your data off of the desktop!

No video output

In most cases either the monitor has gone or the video card has failed. Sometimes this can be caused by a chip on the motherboard

Not booting into Windows

Often caused by a corrupted hard disk or one that has failed. Often we can repair corrupted drives but we can only replace a failed one. Tip – backup your data!


Often actually confused with a Trojan where there is something on the screen telling you off and asking you to pay. These have become very common over the last few years and Anti Viruses solutions just cannot detect them. We find that about 95% off all computers are infected with viruses even if they have protection! Tip – update and scan your virus protection weekly