Desktop Build

Deciding on a high quality desktop replacement is an important decision and we are here to help you make the right choice. Many of our customers do not understand the component side of a computer but that is where we come in

When we build you a new computer we ensure that we use the best components available for the budget that have given us. To help you understand the importance of choosing the right parts here is why

Computer Case

It is important to get the right computer case for the job. Firstly they come in different sizes depending on the size of motherboard that is going to be fitted. However there are other factors that we take in to account when choosing a case. Firstly it has to suppress noise. You can hear a cheap case but not a quality one. A good case with have insulation to dampen any noise. Then there is airflow. Computers need to be cooled. That is why we get so many overheating laptops in because they lack airflow. A good case will ensure that the heat is minimised and will allow the installation of additional fans if required. Next is dust. All computers suck in dirt with the air that they need to cool the components. Our cases have filters to capture the smaller particles that would have normally got in to you computer. A dirty computer means a noisy and slow computers

Then it has to allow sufficient space in case you want to upgrade it. With plenty of space for additional drives and additional cards. Finally and this one is for us – a cheap case will cut us to ribbons as we fit the components inside whereas a good case will have smooth internal edges and we wont leave our DNA all over the inside!


The motherboard is the heart of the system and as the name suggests mother board it is where all the components are fitted. The motherboard contains all the connections like for the hard disk and DVD drive, where the graphics card and chips are fitted, where the memory chips and where the brain of the system the CPU is attached.

So why is this important. Data moves around your motherboard on a bus (no not like the 27) but on a data bus. The better the quality of the bus the faster this data moves around. In a cheap motherboard you would be better of walking! As well as the bus there are other important reasons why the choosing the right motherboard is important. They host connectors that connect devices like the hard disk or the memory chips and if they are not the latest technology then your computer will not be as efficient as it could be. After all your motherboard is the heart of your system


The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is the brain of the computer. A modern CPU can process millions of instructions per second. The better the processor the more it can do at once and the faster your computer will be. Choosing the right processor is essential

Power Supply

The Power Supply is often overlooked as being a key component of your system. It is important that the Power Supply chosen is able to deliver a constant and stable amount of electricity. Choosing a cheap power supply could render your system unstable and poor power supply can often be held responsible for system crashes

We calculate how much power your system will draw at full load and then ensure that the power supply that we choose is more than capable of supplying it. By choosing a power supply that is more than you need your power supply will not be running at 100% of demand ensuring that it is quiet and enjoys a longer life than a power supply that is made to work flat out


Hard Drive

These days most hard drives are of good quality if chosen from a well known manufacturer We look for a hard drive whose capacity is far in excess of your anticipated needs and one that runs at a higher RPM ensuring that your data read/write times

When you choose Chiswick Computers to build you a new high quality desktop we ensure that you get a fast, reliable and stable desktop