Laptop Repairs

It is amazing how much information we carry around on our laptops. Photos, music collections. personal data and our entire businesses are often run from a single laptop

No wonder we get so many in for repair. Laptops repairs are by far the biggest device repair that we currently do but that only makes us better at repairing them because we have had so much experience

So what are the most common repairs that we do?

Laptops that will not power up

Often caused by either a dead battery and a faulty charger or more commonly a fault on the motherboard. Sometimes also caused by broken DC jacks. DC jacks are soldered to the motherboard but take a bit of abuse as you plug in and plug out your power adapter. Tip Never carry your laptop with the charger plugged in as you are sure to suffer this type of fault

Laptops that will not boot up

So they have power and something comes up on the screen even if it is only the initial splash screen but it wont load in to your operating system. This can be caused by a number of faults from a virus or a damaged hard drive or damaged boot files

Hard Drive Failure

In a worse case scenario the drive may be totally dead and have to be replaced whereas in other cases we can often repair any soft damage to the hard drive for a more reasonable cost

Broken Screen

This is a very common fault and easily fixed. We once had a customer bring us 3 laptops with 3 broken screens. We asked him how this had happened. He told us he had 3 daughters! Tip – never pick up your laptop by the screening otherwise we will be meeting you sooner than you think!

Case damage

We have seen some pretty awful damage to laptops where they have either been dropped or damaged in some other way. We can often replace the parts of the case that have become damaged

Hinge Damage

We see a lot of hinge damage laptops. Sometimes the laptop has taken a knock and in other cases the screws that hold the hinge to the laptop have become lose. In the latter cause often we can just re-tighten or replace those screws and your laptop will be with you again very shortly. If the hinge is broken or the body that it attaches to is damaged then we may need to replace the hinge and plastics. Tip; If you have hinge damage get it seen to soon because the hinge will go out of alignment and will damage the rest of the case if not dealt with