So just how was 2016?

Last year 2016 we booked in 918 repairs.

Those repairs cover laptops, desktop, All In Ones, Printers, tablets, some phones and a few odd items.

The figure booked in does not include support calls either visits to a customers premises or remote support.

As a comparison in 2015 we booked in nearly two repairs a week more with that figure standing at 1019. It seems a significant difference and definitely after Brexit things were a little weird for about 3 or 4 months.

However revenue, that is income from all repairs and support but not including any rent received was up 16%. As our prices remained the same the increase in revenue is likely to have come from increased support and larger repair jobs. With the increase in Apple hardware certainly the last few months of 2016 saw customers willing to spend £500/$600 to repair their faulty Apple computers rather just replace them.

By far our biggest costs were staff and staff related costs. With the introduction of the new pension scheme not only have our costs gone up by contributing to those staff pensions but also associated costs like increased payroll charges and pension fees.

However 2017 might just see us reduce our businesss rates bill as our raeeable value has gone down. What this space!

We face three big challenges every year

  1. Employing and retaining the right staff. Motherboard repair engineers are expensive and tend to use us as a stepping stone*
  2. Advertising – that is where to advertise to get a good return on our adverting investment
  3. The Sale of Goods Act or the Consumer Rights Act as it has now become. I will cover more on this in a later post


  • Being a small local IT company we understand that engineers come to us and gain good experience before moving on to better paid jobs. We are okay with this and we are very pleased to see those ex employees do well in their careers.

Whilst things are looking nice I think that we are likely to see unsettled trading over the next 12 to 36 months with fears over Brexit. Most of the parts we buy in are sold in $ or Euros and we get hit hard on the coversion rate.

Only time will tell.

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