Chiswick Computers moved just inside the border of Hammersmith in August 2012 after 10 years in Chiswick where we spent 8 years at the Swan Centre on Fishers Lane and 2 years prior to that in an office which has now been demolished near the old job centre

During the period 2004 to 2012 Chiswick Computers built up a very successful repair and support business looking after home and business clients alike and we have been lucky enough to retain most of our clients since our move

The owner of Chiswick Computers Steve joined the RAF in 1973 and got to work on his first computer in 1978. After leaving the RAF in 1981 Steve went into the City of London and worked for such banks such as Bank of Credit & Commerce International, Citibank , Baring Brothers, Soloman Bros., Credit Suite First Boston, Kleinworts and Citibank and Chase Manhattan where his primary function was the maintenance and installation of dealing room. Steve was one of the team that took Chase Manhattan through Big Bang in 1986.

At the height of his City career Steve looked after 600 dealing floor dealers maintaining such services such as voice & video from providers such at BT, Mercury Telecommunications,Reuters, Garban, Telerate, Bloomberg and a new kid on the block Microsoft!