What should I bring with me?


If you are bringing in a faulty desktop then if the power cable is a standard 3 pin kettle lead then you do not need to bring this. Similarly if it uses USB keyboard and Mouse again we do not need these unless your problems are directly connected to those devices

If you are bringing in a laptop you should always bring in the power supply. Often faults are caused by faulty Power Supply Units and we like to test them whilst we have your computer.

If you have an All In One then depending on the type of power supply it uses will determine if we need it or not. If it is a standard 3 pin kettle lead then we do not need it. If however, it uses a lapotp type power connector then please do bring it in. We do not need the keyboard and mouse if your All In One has USB sockets.


Opening Times


We are normally open as follow:

Monday to Friday 9am until 6pm

Saturday from 12 noon until 4pm

Sunday is a day of rest and should be spent with families and loved ones

However, you may find us open from 8am during the week so do call and try

If you cannot get to us during our opening times then do give us a call because sometimes we may be able to open up earlier or stay later for you

We do open some bank holidays but not all so best to check first


Where are you located?


We are located at 349 King Street, Hammersmith W6 9NH


Buses 27, 190, 267, 391 & H91 go right past our door whilst the 237 is only a short walk


Stamford Brook is the closest. Turn right out of the station and walk down to the traffic lights. Turn left and cross over to the south side of the road. A little way down you will see a set of traffic lights that allows people to cross. Two shops after the Post Office is Chiswick Computers. If you get as far as Tescos then you have gone two shops two far

Ravenscourt Park is a little easier if you are coming in from the east. Come out of the station and turn left and walk down to the main road and then turn right. Cross over to the south side and we are just past the little Tescos. If you get to the traffic lights and red post box then you have just missed us by a couple of yards


From the east head down King Street and park in the little car park on the left

From the west head down Chiswick High Road which turns in to King Street at the Goldhawk Road junction and park in the little Tescos on right hand side


Most of our side streets also have metered parking