About Us

Affordable Rates

It is important to balance cost against expertise
Sadly we are often asked to rectify work completed by less qualified engineers. This often takes longer than the original job would have taken to complete and often will also cost the client more. We believe that our rates are affordable and offer good value for money and of course we guarantee all our work!

If you are not happy with the value of the work received from us then you must bring it to our attention. After all how can we rectify it if we don’t know?

Customer Service

We believe that customer services is our most prized asset
Ensuring that the customer is always happy is our main priority. We do realise that sometimes we do not always get it right but we do strive to and if we make a mistake or not perform as well as we should I can assure you that we analyse our performance and try to make it better for the next client. I believe that it is about how we put things right that matters!

Qualified Engineers

Training is an important part of our job.
Our engineers are either Microsoft trained, A + certified or both. Information Technology changes on an almost daily basis now with new products and new developments. It really is hard to keep up with it all. Our engineers all have slightly different skills so that we can provide you with the best service possible. Hardware engineers who repair laptops, server engineers, specialists in Office products or Windows environments, Iphones, and Ipads. There really is a lot!